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Editorial Board

Editorial Advisors

Prof. Ronald L.Watts (Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada)

Prof. John Kincaid (Meyner Center for the Study of State Govt. Lafayette College, PA-USA)

Prof. Cheryl Saunders (Centre for Comparative Constitutional Studies, University of Melbourne, Australia)

Prof. J. Isawa Elaigwu (Institute of Governance and Social Research, Jos-Nigeria)

Prof. T. K. Oommen (Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi)

Prof. A.S. Narang (Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi)

Prof. Peter Ronald DeSouza (Indian Institute of Advanced Studies, Shimla)

Dr. George Mathew (Institute of Social Sciences, New Delhi)

Editorial Committee

Kumar Suresh

Ajay Kumar Singh

Rekha Saxena


Akhtar Majeed

Published by

Centre for Federal Studies
Hamdard University, New Delhi - 110062, India

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Indian Journal of Federal Studies
Seventeen Issue ( 1/2008 )



  1. Federal Idea and Its Contemporary Relevance - Ronald L. Watts

  2. Federal Idea and Its Relevance for Diverse Societies - Akhtar Majeed

  3. The Case for Federal Power-Sharing for Sri Lanka - John Galtung

  4. The Case for Asymmetric Power Devolution in Sri Lanka - M.M. Ihjas

  5. Federalism As An Option For Nepal - Purnima Guragain Rimal

  6. Federalism As An Option For Nepal - Dadhi Adhikari

  7. Strains in the Federal Polity of Nigeria: Agitations for Resource Control - Abdulrasheed A. Muhammad

  8. Strains in the Federal Polity of Nigeria: Political Succession and Legitimacy Crisis - Solomon Akinboye and Ferdinand Ottoh

  9. Separation of Powers Vs Judicial Activism: Crisis of Governance - Akhtar Majeed

  10. Separation of Powers Vs Judicial Activism: Crisis of Governance - C.P. Bhambhri

  11. Understanding Sub- Nationalism in North-East India - H Kham Khan Suan

  12. Understanding Sub- Nationalism of Assam in North-East India - Preetylekha Deka

  13. Review Article:

    Local Governance in Developing Countries

    - Najma Akhtar
















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