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Staff Profile


Dr. Ajay Kumar Singh

Ajay Kumar Singh

He is a founder faculty and Head of the Centre. He has obtained his graduation degrees from Bihar University, Muzzaffarpur, and M. Phil and Ph. D. from Centre for Political Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. His original contribution includes development of a model centric appraisal of Indian federalism (Union Model), state formation, regional identity, and development of de/centralisation matrix. He has published large number of research papers, books and monographs. Currently, he is serving as country-coordinator (India) of a six country (USA, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Australia and India) study on Dynamic De/centralization funded by Leverhulme Trust, London, UK. As a part of the project, he has developed first ever Code-Book on Indian federalism. He has also served as one of the federal experts to the Fourteenth Finance Commission of India.

Telephone No.:

011-26059688 Ext. 5894 (Off.), (Cell) +91-9891050334

E-mail: drkumarajaysingh@gmail.com


Prof. S. Mehartaj Begum

Prof. S. Mehartaj Begum

She has obtained her M. A. in Public Administration with first division and doctorate in human rights from Sri Venkateshwara University, Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh. She teaches human rights at the post-graduate level and supervises M.Phil. & Ph.D. students of the Centre. Her areas of specialisation includes human rights, law enforcement, Public Administration, federalism, minority rights and gender justice. To her credit, there are seven books (including co-authored) and twenty eight research papers published in national and international journals. She has participated and presented papers in many national and international conferences/seminars, including at Montclair State University, New Jersey, USA, University of Pretoria, South Africa and Oxford University, Oxford, UK. She also attended Summer School Programme of the Institute of Federalism, University of Fribourg, Switzerland. She has received national and International Human Rights Awards from NGOs for her contributions towards the promotion of human rights. She was awarded Post-doctoral Fellowship by the University Grants Commission of India to conduct research on the rights of the construction workers. She has also completed two Major Research Projects in the areas of human rights sanctioned by the UGC. In addition, she has authored several articles in magazines and aired programmes on All India Radio on the problems of women and youth. She also serves as member of several governmental and non-governmental committees.

Telephone No.:

011-26059688 Ext. 5883 (Off.), (Cell) +91-9871037730

E-mail: syedmehartaj@yahoo.com & syedmehartaj@gmail.com


Dr. Rajendra Kumar Pandey

Dr. Rajendra Kumar Pandey

He has obtained his M. A, M. Phil. And Ph. D. degrees from Department of Political Science, University of Delhi, besides prestigious Post Graduate Diploma (with summa cum laude: excellent grade) in Federalism, Decentralization and Conflict Resolution from the Institute of Federalism, University of Fribourg, Switzerland. Before joining Jamia Hamdard, Dr. Pandey taught graduate students at two prestigious colleges of Delhi University Delhi College of Arts and Commerce (1998-2003) and Hindu College (2003-2009). Besides publishing research papers in reputed journals, he has co-authored two books- Indian Government and Politics (Sage, 2008) and Modern Indian Political Thought: Text and Context (Sage, 2009). He has also made substantial contribution to develop self-learning materials for students of open and distance learning in different areas of Political Science and Public Administration. His specialization includes public policy and governance with special reference to ecological federalism and centre-state contestations.

Telephone No.:

(Cell) +91-9868084938

E-mail: rkpandey.cfs@rediffmail.com & rkpandey.du@gmail.com




Javed Azmi
M.Sc.(O.R.), MCA, M.Phil(CS)

Designation: Computer Programmer

Areas of Special Interest:

  • Computer Programming.
  • Data Processing.
  • Numerical and Statistical Analysis.
  • Operational Research.
  • Library and Documentation.

Telephone: (Cell) +91-9868063832

E-mail: azmijaved@gmail.com & jazmi@rediffmail.com

Javed Azmi

Hajra Begum

Designation: Junior Assistant

Telephone: (Cell) +91-9990338831

E-mail: hijrat786@yahoo.com

Hajra Begum

Noor Mohammed

Designation: Lab. Attendant

Telephone: (Cell) +91-8506008904

Noor Mohammed

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