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Seminars Organised by the Centre:

Dimensions of Federal Nation Building (March 1997)

Lokpal Legislation (April 1997)

Human Rights in Federal India (April 1998)

Free India: Retrospect and Prospects (August 1998)

Human Rights: Fifty Years After Universal Declaration (December 1998)

Nation-Building in India (March 1999)

Indian Federal Polity (October 1999)

Mobilisation, Participation and Development: Old Issues and New Challenges in Fifty Years of India's Constitution (March 2000)

Human Rights (December 2000)

Religion and Politics: Implications for Federal Nation Building

Environmental Law and Management: A Federal View (August 2001)

Federalism and Power-Sharing (September 2001)

The Nation and the Minorities (October 2001)

Contemporary Issues in Indian Federalism (March 2002)

Structure and Change: Indian Federalism (Dec.2002)

Union-State Relations in India (March 2003)

International Theme Conference on "Distribution of Responsibilities in Federal Polities", under the Global Project on Federalism in the 21st Century (November 2003)

Conference of the International Association of Centres of Federal Studies (November 2003)

National Seminar on Governance and Public Policy (March 2004)

Good Governance in A Federal Nation (jointly with the Inter-State Council Secretariat, Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt of India) (March 2004)

Symposium on Distribution of Responsibilities (February 2005).

International Conference on Working of Federalism(August 2006)

Directive Principles of State Policy (February 2007)

New Dimensions of Federalism (March 2007)

Managing Diversity: The Electoral System and Processes in India (February 2008)

Diversities and Plural Identities in the Federal System (November 2008)

Human Development and Human Rights: Issues for Good Governance (March 2009)




Research Information


The CFS is engaged in research on the wide-spectrum of themes and topics concerning the federal reality. The Centre has undertaken studies focused on policy-oriented and problem-solving aspects of the emerging Indian federal system, in comparison with other federal polities:

  • Evolution of the System of Resource Transfers in the Indian and Canadian Federal Governance.
  • Identity and Nation Building in Turkey: an analyses in the comparative context of Iran and India.
  • Federal Governance of Environment in India and Canada.
  • Constitutional Instruments and Judicial Review in the protection of Human Rights in India.
  • Modes and Mechanism of Resolving Inter State Conflicts in India: Issues and Trends.
  • Situating the Politics of Identity- the case of Kashmir.
  • Panchayati Raj Institution and the Empowerment of the Weaker Sections: The Case of Bihar.
  • Empowerment and Participation of Women in Urban Local Bodies in Delhi .
  • Impact of Globalization on Public Policy in India – A Study of Federal and State Management of Health Care.
  • Social Development and Identity Formation – Study of the Role of Dr. S. Ramadoss in Tamil Nadu.
  • Affirmative Action and Empowerment of the Disadvantaged Groups: The Role of Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MNREGA) in Jharkhand.
  • Protection of Women Rights in India: An Appraisal of the Role and Working of National Commission for Women.
  • Federal Option for Accommodative Governance in Iraq.
  • Pluralism and Electoral Management: Study of the Role of the Election Commission in India.
  • Federalism and Nation Building: A Study of Contemporary Iraq.
  • Governance of Mega City: A Case Study of Municipal Corporation of Delhi.
  • The concept of Human Rights – Comparative Study of Institutional Protection Mechanism between Iran and India.
  • An Evaluation of the Role and Working of Parliamentary Committees in India.
  • Human Rights and Security Forces: Legal and Operational Dimensions.
  • Decentralised Governance in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates: A Comparative Study.
  • Local Governance in India and Iran.
  • Federal Management of Higher Education in India: A Study of Policies and Institutions.
  • Coalition Governance: A Decennial analysis of the Working of Coalition System at the Union Level in India.
  • Women Participation in Panchayati Raj - A Case Study of Vaishali District in Bihar.
  • Inter State Crimes: A Comparative Study of India and U.S.A.
  • Perception of Regional Imbalance in Jammu & Kashmir.
  • Working of the Autonomous Councils in India with special reference to Ladakh Region.
  • Political Parties and Autonomy Debate in Jammu and Kashmir.
  • Accommodation of Linguistic Diversity in India and Belgium.
  • Centre-State Financial Relations in India: An Assessment of Tax sharing.
  • A Critical Study of Special Economic Zones in India.
  • A Critical Study of the District Planning Committee in Madhya Pradesh.

Dynamic De/Centralization in Federations

The project seeks to investigate the dynamics of centralization and decentralization in mature federations and to draw lessons for newer ones, aiming to explain why some federal systems become more centralized over time while others become more decentralized.

The team of investigators is led by

Dr Paolo Dardanelli and Professor John Kincaid (Lafayette College, USA) and includes Professor Alan Fenna (Curtin University, Australia),

Professor André Kaiser (University of Cologne, Germany),

Professor André Lecours (University of Ottawa, Canada), and

Professor Ajay Kumar Singh (Hamdard University, India).

It is funded by theLeverhulme Trust (grant no. IN-2013-044) and the Swiss National Science Foundation (grant no. IZK0Z1_155030).


  • Federal Studies in Environmental Law and Management in India: The Relationship between the Centre and State Governments.
  • Sponsored by Ministry of Environment & Forest, Govt. of India

  • Minority Representation in Legislatures
  • Sponsored by Jamia Hamdard, New Delhi

  • Origins, Structure and Change in Federations (India)
  • Sponsored by Global project of Forum of Federations, Canada

  • Global project of Forum of Federations, Canada
  • Sponsored by Global project of Forum of Federations, Canada

  • Issues in Centre-State Relations Sponsored by Inter State Council.
  • Status of implementation of Directive Principles, Sponsored by Inter State Council.
  • Distribution of Functional Responsibilities Sponsored by Centre State Relations Commission.
  • Inter-Governmental Conflict Resolution

















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