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Indian Journal of Federal Studies (1/2011)

ISSN No. 0976-8408

Local Governance in Iran

Seyed Ali Asghar Mirian


The institutions of local government in both unitary federal systems are vital link between the citizen and the state. The power, competence and responsibilities of the local governments and the principle of local governance vary considerably from one case to another but one undercurrent concern that runs across the polities is the efficiency of the administrative mechanism and concern for citizen centric governance. From this perspective the institutions of local governance in Iran become important. Though Iran follows a centralized system of governance, it makes provision of local governance. The institution of local governance in Iran are, of course, placed in a pyramidical form of the structure of governance; still they constitute a vital link between the citizen and government. An attempt has been made to examine the system of local governance in Iran in terms of power and responsibilities provided to the institutions of local governance.

[Page No. 124 - 139]





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