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Indian Journal of Federal Studies (1/2011)

ISSN No. 0976-8408

Relevance of Federalism in Iran: An Exploration

Syed Abbas Hashemi


The relevance of federal idea in accommodating diversity and resolving conflicts in plural societies is now widely recognized. However, there is no unanimity on the federal form. Wide variety of options is being explored across the regions and cultures which could better harmonise state- society relations. Federalism stands out as one of the most important options in plural societies. However, there is no readymade model of federalism which could be applied universally. Appropriateness of particular form of political design depends much on the specificity of the context and the historical context of evolution of that society. Undoubtedly federalism has emerged as one of the options of accommodating minorities’ aspiration and redressing their grievances especially during the last three decades, it cannot be accepted as given without applying the principle of critical assessment and scrutiny. The case of Iran is particularly important in this regard. It is in this context that the paper examines the relevance of federal idea in Iran.

[Page No. 104 - 123]





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