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Indian Journal of Federal Studies (1/2011)

ISSN No. 0976-8408

Federalism and Natural Resources Management in Africa

Emmanuel O. Ojo


In a deeply divided and plural societies, as exist in Africa, problems of ‘resource scarcities’ and the associated struggles over such resources have emerged as sources of conflict that point to the inadequacies of the prevailing government mechanisms, with the emergent conflicts having dire consequences both for the political system and for the management of the national economy. The issue of equitable resource allocation and management in African states is one of the critical challenges. The question arises as to how federalism responds to such challenges. It is this context that paper examines the nexus between federalism and management of natural resources in Africa. It also highlights the major limitations of federalism vis-ŕ-vis natural resources management in Africa.

[Page No. 86 - 103]





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