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Indian Journal of Federal Studies
(Vol.XII, No.2, 2011)

ISSN No. 0976-8408

Public Policy, Globalisation and Health Care in India

- S. N. Dubey


The implication of globalisation is clearly visible on the Indian health care policy which is undergoing major changes. The increase of foreign direct investment in healthcare industry, the growing middle-class asking for upgraded health services and the implementation of new laws regarding intellectual property have resulted in some transition. As the consequence, there is an increase in privatization in the health sector which fragments health policy by crowding it with many players and with many private interests. These fragmented policy players emphasize partnerships and specific interventions to combat specific problems. Under globalization, health policy is directed by technological advances and innovative medical trade. In this situation, global priorities are sometimes at odds with national priorities where increased health infrastructure and basic primary care are of more significance to the public than privatized care. Thus, itís important to choose carefully the policies that best enable to take the opportunity of globalization while avoiding the concerns.

[Page No. 75 - 85]





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