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Abdulrahim P. Vijapur, Ajay Kumar Singh
& Kumar Suresh


Both the Indian State and society are yet to resolve the issue of accommodation of pluralities -- religious, socio-cultural, linguistic, regional, etc. The apparent contradiction between centralized polity and politicized diversities further complicates and compounds the problem. This study suggests that neither the modernization theory of homogenized nation-state formation nor the post-modernist theory of legitimizing the `identity' to the extent of fragmentation of Federal Nation is an appropriate model of nation-building and state formation in India. Rather than suggesting any model or theory of nation-building or state formation, it examines the complexities of the problems and the issues involved in the process. Agreeing basically with the constitutional model of nation-building, it examines the text and context of religious pluralism and their harmonious accommodation in society and polity.

South Asian Publishers, New Delhi: 1997
ISBN No. 81-7003-212-1 Rs.260/-

Contents :

1. Pluralism and Federal Accommodation: The Context of Religious Pluralism in India.
2. Minority Rights in Federal India.
3. Empowerment of the Scheduled Castes: Constitutional Framework.
4. National Integration in India: Concepts and Problems.
5. Evaluation of the Role and Working of National Integration Council.
6. Concluding Note.
7. Bioliography.



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