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FEDERAL POWER SHARING: Accommodating Indian Diversity


Akhtar Majeed (Edited)

book_Federal India

All the contemporary federations are facing the issue of diversity and we need to know the way they are managing this issue. It is not in the sense of treating diversities as problems that need to be managed but as strengths that are assets, as opportunities through which a plural society is enriched. This enrichment gets lost if there is unawareness and ignorance about each other, and this absence of social interaction makes the society weak. On the other hand, in a liberal democracy, various differences and loyalties towards various diversities are viewed as loyalties towards the nation.

It is time that we try to find answers to questions like: Diversity as an Asset---- 'India's Unity in Diversity'. How has Unity been reconciled with Diversity through the Working of the Constitutional System? Federalism as a Method of Accommodating Diversities: India's Experience in Constitutional, Structural and Procedural solutions towards Diversities; Has the Indian Experience been a success? How Equality and Identity been simultaneously focussed.

Manak Publications: Delhi, 2009
ISBN No.:978-81-7831-180-7, Rs.600/-

Contents :

1- In Lieu of an Introduction: Political Empowerment and Management of Diversities - Akhtar Majeed

2- Political Federalism, Community Identity and Cultural Pluralism - T.K. Oommen

3- Diversity, Federalism and Democracy - Amarjit.S. Narang

4- Pluralism, Consociationalism, and Federal Democracy in India - M.P. Singh

5- India's Democratic Deficit Towards A Diverse Society: A Federal State Without Federal Legislature - Aswini K. Ray

6- Institutional Mechanism of Self- Rule and Federal Accommodation of Identity Claims in the India's North-East - Kumar Suresh

7- Federal Power Sharing: Study of Asymmetrical Federalism in Jammu- Kashmir - Rekha Chaudhry

8- Autonomist Politics of Diversities in a Comparative Perspective: Jammu and Kashmir and Punjab- Ashutosh Kumar

9- Ethno Cultural Diversity and Educating for Pluralism: The Role and Limits of Education in Canada - Marie Mc Andrew

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