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A. P. VIJAPUR (Edited)



In contemporary socio-political life, federalism has emerged as a widely acceptable model of state-formation and nation-building with its much acclaimed principles of "self rule" and "shared rule". As a social theory, it recognizes pluralism as the valid basis of collective peaceful co-existence; as a political principle it seeks to stabilize a pattern of constitutional diffusion of power in order to reconcile specific/particularist "self rule", with common/general "share rule", and as an administrative arrangement it coordinates the legitimate distribution of power and jurisdiction between the central/federal authority and the constituent units/states. The grand design of federal nation building seeks to build and sustain the "unity of polity" and the "plurality of society".

The essays in this volume traverse the various aspects of federal nation building. The book in its entirety serves not only as essential text on federal nation building but also stimulates constructive thought on the subject.

This book comes as a tribute to Prof. Rasheeduddin Khan. An outspoken champion of federalism and an outstanding humanist, he was a meticulous scholar, deeply committed to the success of India's democratic polity. He was working on a study on the pulls and pressures on the nation-state when unexpectedly death snatched him away. This book is an appropriate offering to keep his memory and his work alive.

Manak Publications, New Delhi: 1998,
ISBN No. 81-86562-59-1 Rs. 696/-

Contents :

1. Interfaith Harmony in the Global Society:Learning to Live Together - Karan Singh
2. From Plural Society to Pluralism:Towards a Just and Humane Social Order in India. - T. K. Oommen
3. A Discourse on Multiculturalism and Indian Federalism. - Nalini Pant
4. Federalism and Contemporary Discourses. - Kousar J. Azam
5. From Federalism to Federal Nation Building: Perspective on Building Society and Polity. - Ajay Kumar Singh
6. Cultural Pluralism, Multiple Identities and Federal Nation Building. - Kumar Suresh
7. Concept of Minority and Consociational Model in a Plural Society. - R. N. Thakur
8. Socio-Cultural Interactions in India-Refections on Past and Present. - Abdulrahim P. Vijapur
9. Al-Biruni's Perception of India-A Critical View - M.A. Saleem Khan
10. Building the Federal Union. - Subhash C. Kashyap
11. Decentralization:Is it a Danger or Virtue. - G. Thimmiah
12. Fiscal Federalism in India. - D.N. Rao
13. The Supreme Court and the Centre-State Legislative Relations. - M.R. Kazimi
14. State Formation in Federal India. - S.H. Patil
15. Political Culture and Functional Dimensions of Indian Federalism - S.S. Patagundi
16. Functional Dimensions of Indian Federalism. - M.G. Khan
17. Regional Political Parties: Federal Experience in Indian Polity - Arshi Khan
18. Federal Nation-Building:Non-Regional Dimension of Pluralism and Representation of Muslims in Elected Bodies. - Iqbal A. Ansari
19. Ethnic Plurality and Problems of Nation Building in South Asia:A Study of the Kashmir Problem. - Basheer A;mad Dabla
20. Studying Social Stratificaton Among Muslims in India. - S. Zainuddin
21. Movement for Uttarkhand State:The Resurgence of Pahari Identity in Uttar Pradesh. - Abdul Waheed
22. Paradigm Shifts in Canadian and Indian Politics:The Changing Party System and Federal Politics. - Mahendra Prasad Singh
23. Federal Politics and the Russian Regions - Anuradha M. Chenoy
24. From EEC to European Union-A Confederal or Federal Experience. - K. Savitri
25. Rasheeduddin Khan: A Tribute. - Abid Hussain







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