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Clouds Over Federalism: The Real Working of the Indian Polity


Akhtar Majeed

book_Federal India

The Indian experience of working of a federal polity can be more easily comprehended if studied in the context of experiences of other Polities. This sharing of experience is necessary for studies of the structure and working of inter-government relations in India. Not only do we know, by now, what (if anything) is wrong with the system and its working, we also know why it is not seriously been corrected. What the present study does is to re-interpret formulations in the light of contextual changes in the Indian Constitution and Indian politics. As a theory of development, Federalism has been taken to mean as competence and autonomy, and it is in this context that issue of its working is discussed here. The emerging social realities are affecting political situation and, in this study, an attempt has been made to analyse how political situation and public policy are affecting our federal structure, and are being affected by the federal realities.

Manak Publications: Delhi, 2010
ISBN No.:978-81-7831-187-6, Rs.650/-

Contents :

1- Introduction

2- India: A Federal Nation

3- Politics of Reorganisation of States

4- Working of the Indian Federal System

5- Some Unanswered Issues Indian Federalism

6- Distribution of Competencies in the Indian Federation

7- Fiscal Dependence of the States of India on the Union

8- Inter-Governmental Conflict Resolution

9- India: A Model of Cooperative Federalism

10- Shared-Self Rule in the Working of Indian Federalism

11- Public Policy and Social Accountability for Federal Governance




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