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Academic Programme for M.A.(Human Rights), M.Phil. and Ph.D. (Federal Studies)

M.A. Human Rights

Duration : Two Years
Total Seats: 20


A Candidate must have:

* Passed Bachelor's degree from an institution recognised by Jamia Hamdard, securing at least 45% marks in aggregate.

* Appeared in the Entrance Test conducted by Jamia Hamdard.

Selection Procedure

A written Entrance Test will be conducted for testing a general aptitude about issues of Social Sciences and Law.

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Master of Philosophy (M.Phil) Programme in Federal Studies

M.Phil in Federal Studies is a separate programme before preceding for Ph.D. (Federal Studies). Before being permitted to start work on Ph.D, a candiate shall have to first complete the one year course of M.Phil.

M.Phil in Federal Stuies consists of two papers on:
1. Research Methodology
2. Federalism- Theory and Comparative Practices, and a Dissertation on an assigned topic, besides a viva-voce exam.
Duration: One year
Total Seats: 15

Eligibility Candidates seeking admission to the M.Phil programme must possess Master's degree in Political Science /Public Administration/Sociology/History/Economics and should have secured at least 55% marks in the aggregate.
Selection Procedure

Admission to M.Phil. Programme shall be made on the basis of merit determined by entrance test and interview of the eligible candiates conducted by Jamia Hamdard.

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Ph.D. Programme in Federal Studies


Candidates seeking admission to the Ph.D. Programme must possess M.Phill in Federal Studies and a Mater's degree in Political Science/Public Administration/ Sociology/Hisotry/Economics and should have secured at least 55% marks in the aggregate.

Candates may also be admitted to Ph.D. if the candidate has completed M.Phil. from a University recognised by Jamia Hamdard, or has cleared the NET, or is a teacher of Jamia Hamdard or some other University. Selection Procedure

Admission to Ph.D. programme shall be made on the basis of merit determined by the marks of M.Phil in Federal Studies or other subjects related to research areas of Centre for Federal Studies.

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A separate notification for Ph.D./M.Phil. admissions and detailed procedure of admission on Jamia Hamdard website www.jamiahamdard.edu.





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