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Seminars Organised by the Centre:

Dimensions of Federal Nation Building (March 1997)

Lokpal Legislation (April 1997)

Human Rights in Federal India (April 1998)

Free India: Retrospect and Prospects (August 1998)

Human Rights: Fifty Years After Universal Declaration (December 1998)

Nation-Building in India (March 1999)

Indian Federal Polity (October 1999)

Mobilisation, Participation and Development: Old Issues and New Challenges in Fifty Years of India's Constitution (March 2000)

Human Rights (December 2000)

Religion and Politics: Implications for Federal Nation Building

Environmental Law and Management: A Federal View (August 2001)

Federalism and Power-Sharing (September 2001)

The Nation and the Minorities (October 2001)

Contemporary Issues in Indian Federalism (March 2002)

Structure and Change: Indian Federalism (Dec.2002)

Union-State Relations in India (March 2003)

International Theme Conference on "Distribution of Responsibilities in Federal Polities", under the Global Project on Federalism in the 21st Century (November 2003)

Conference of the International Association of Centres of Federal Studies (November 2003)

National Seminar on Governance and Public Policy (March 2004)

Good Governance in A Federal Nation (jointly with the Inter-State Council Secretariat, Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt of India) (March 2004)

New Dimensions of Federalism (March 2007)

Managing Diversity: The Electoral System and Processes in India (February 2008)

Diversities and Plural Identities in the Federal System (November 2008)

Human Development and Human Rights: Issues for Good Governance (March 2009)

Indian Federalism and Current Demands for Statehood (February 2010)

Science, Ethics and Human Rights (February 2011)







Events/Programmes held

UGC sponsored National Seminar on ‘Science, Ethics and Human Rights’ on 10-11 February 2011.

Vice President of India released a book

The Centre for Federal Studies organized a two day UGC sponsored National Seminar on ‘Science, Ethics and Human Rights’ on 10-11 February 2011 at the Convention Centre, Jamia Hamdard. It was inaugurated by Justice J. S. Varma, former Chief Justice of India. Vice Chancellor of Jamia Hamdard Dr. G.N. Qazi delivered the Presidential Address. In his presidential address, Vice Chancellor highlighted the interdisciplinary nature of the seminar as the theme is intrinsically ingrained in presenting an intertwined view on science, ethics and human rights. He also spoke on combating terrorism and focusing on the issues of gender justice. He talked on the issues related to human rights and humanitarian law, in addition to explaining things in a more scientific and rigorous manner. In his keynote address, Justice Varma emphasized the need for human dignity to be reckoned as the basis of evaluating the notion of human rights. In a country where the people that are in power take pride in developing guided missiles are not able to understand the worth of human rights as the backbone of a civilized social order. Being an interdisciplinary, the Seminar attracted participation from delegates and scholars drawn from various disciplines and parts of the country.






















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