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Seminars Organised by the Centre:

Dimensions of Federal Nation Building (March 1997)

Lokpal Legislation (April 1997)

Human Rights in Federal India (April 1998)

Free India: Retrospect and Prospects (August 1998)

Human Rights: Fifty Years After Universal Declaration (December 1998)

Nation-Building in India (March 1999)

Indian Federal Polity (October 1999)

Mobilisation, Participation and Development: Old Issues and New Challenges in Fifty Years of India's Constitution (March 2000)

Human Rights (December 2000)

Religion and Politics: Implications for Federal Nation Building

Environmental Law and Management: A Federal View (August 2001)

Federalism and Power-Sharing (September 2001)

The Nation and the Minorities (October 2001)

Contemporary Issues in Indian Federalism (March 2002)

Structure and Change: Indian Federalism (Dec.2002)

Union-State Relations in India (March 2003)

International Theme Conference on "Distribution of Responsibilities in Federal Polities", under the Global Project on Federalism in the 21st Century (November 2003)

Conference of the International Association of Centres of Federal Studies (November 2003)

National Seminar on Governance and Public Policy (March 2004)

Good Governance in A Federal Nation (jointly with the Inter-State Council Secretariat, Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt of India) (March 2004)

Symposium on Distribution of Responsibilities (February 2005).

International Conference on Working of Federalism(August 2006)

Directive Principles of State Policy (February 2007)

New Dimensions of Federalism (March 2007)

Managing Diversity: The Electoral System and Processes in India (February 2008)

Diversities and Plural Identities in the Federal System (November 2008)








Events/Programmes held

A National Seminar on Human Development and Human Rights: Issues for Good Governance, 20 - 21 March 2009.

Prof.AkhtarMajeed, Dr.G.N. Qazi & Justice Rajinder Sachchar The Seminar focussed on the ways of producing critical mass for understanding Human Rights. It was pointed out that the greatest threat to Human Rights comes from the failure to provide requisites for Human Development. There is a faulty emphasis only on civil rights, neglecting socio-economic rights and producing an environment under which these rights can be enjoyed. The Seminar covered issues such as equality and Rule of Law, Transparency in Governance, social privileges and socially approved discrimination, rights of the historically disadvantaged (Children, Women, Dalits, Minorities), and negative impact of science and technology on environment and human rights.

View of Human Rights Seminar Inaugurated by Dr. G.N. Qazi, Vice Chancellor of Hamdard University and attended by scholars from various Universities, the Seminar emphasized upon universality of responsibility.




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