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Hamdard University is one of the six Universities in New Delhi, India. The University came into existence on May 10, 1989 and has since evolved into an established center of learning, blending the traditional knowledge with the modern technologies. It is unique in it's approach as it has only the non-traditional and job oriented faculties ranging from Pharmacy to Information Technology.

Dr. Habil Khorakiwala

Professor (Dr.) Seyed Ehtesham Hasnain

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Result for Admission 2017-18 to M.A. (Human Rights), M.Phil & Ph.D (Federal Studies)

Area Study Advisory Committee of the Centre

Call for Papers

New Features of Indian Journal of Federal Studies

Founded by eminent Social Scientist Prof. Rasheeduddin Khan, UGC-CENTRE FOR FEDERAL STUDIES is an Area Studies Research Centre of the University Grants Commission of India since 1994. As an advance centre, it is exclusively dedicated to the studies, researches and teaching on dimensionalities of federal nation building in multicultural comparative setting. In its evaluation in April 2017, UGC has rated its overall performance as “GOOD”. It is also a member centre of the prestigious International Association of Centers for Federal Studies (IACFS).

Over the years Federal Studies as an independent discipline has matured as doctrine of:

  1. State and nation building
  2. Noncentralized/decentralized governance
  3. Empowerment and welfarism
  4. Rights, and
  5. Peace and conflict resolution.

The contemporary focus of Federal Studies is on the promotion of interface and policy studies on ‘human capital and natural resource management from the perspective of federalism. It is being planned and developed as a principal knowledge instrument for shaping the future of mankind in the 21st century. It is unconventional in nature and scientific in temperament. It bridges the traditional divide between natural sciences and social sciences.

Mandate of the Centre:

(i) to develop as an exclusive knowledge resource centre, and to grow as internationally acclaimed resource repository on various dimensions of federal nation-building in India and other multicultural and diverse polities of the world, particularly Euro-American and South Asian polities;

(ii) to convert academic studies into pragmatic policies i.e. to provide policy alternatives; and,

(iii) to popularise federalism as “grand design of living together”.

Since the year 2000, the Centre is regularly publishing its peer reviewed and internationally acclaimed and circulated bi-annual Journal Indian Journal of Federal Studies.
(ISSN No. 0976-8408)

WWW cfsindia.org.in


UGC-Center for Federal Studies
Hamdard University
Hamdard Nagar
New Delhi-110062, India
Telephone: (091-11) - 26059688 Ext.: 5889
Fax: (091-11) - 26059816, 26059663
E-mail: cfsindia@hotmail.com

Center for Federal Studies, Hamdard University, New Delhi

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Indian Journal of Federal Studies

Indian Journal of Federal Studies is a multi-disciplinary bi-annual journal devoted to the study and research on various dimensions of federalism, pluralism, nationalism, multi-culturalism and comparative government and politics.

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